Event Resume

LoDo, Denver, CO

September 2010- June 2011, August 2011- September 2011, March – September 2013

Sundays and Tuesdays DJ-Ing, Thursdays $20 all you can drink

Promotion for our days is taken care of in house with Flyers and promotional teams to flyer denver. The Nights that we promote have been called Hip Hop Sundays at Mynt and Tequila Thursdays at Mynt as well. During the last tenure of mine, I was the marketing director, handling all social media and promotions at the club.

The Shag Lounge:

Denver, CO

November 2010- March 2011

Tuesdays DJ-Ing Thirsty Thirsty Tuesdays at Shag. I have boosted bar sales and foot traffic since I have been playing at this venue.

The Tryst Lounge:

LoDo, Denver, CO

December 2nd 2010 and June 9, 2011

Tequila Thursdays at Tryst

Dj’ed for this night in december and will be making my return to tryst in June!

White rose gala and Champagne Hotel

Denver Tech Center, Denver, CO

I was one of the promotion companies that worked with the collective and Kevin Larson Presents for this 10000 person, 2 Hotel (Marriott in Denver Tech Center, and Hyatt in Denver Tech Center). I have been invited back to promote for it, for the 6th year year.

Juke Ultralounge

LoDo, Denver, CO

January 23rd 2011

Sound Pharmacy presents King of the Hill: featuring D and A Entertainment Group.

The Border Cantina

University Hills, Denver, CO

Feb 18, 2011 and March 18, 2011

St. Valentines Massacre Presented by D and A Entertainment Group.

Mini Bar

Cherry Creek, Denver, CO

August 2010, May 20, June 2, June 24th and 30th 2011

I am handling promotion and dj’s for the summer concert series put on by svedka vodka. I also Played a benefit for a friend of a friend, called “We are Denver.”

Suite 200

Denver, CO

May 29th, 2011, August 2011-current

The 12th Annual Neon and White Party/Event Promotion

I am honored to be one of the promotion companies asked to help and promote this party especially since it has grown since its conception. The white party has grown to include sponsors like me, Mtv, 95.7 The party (Radio Station), among many others! Also was brought in to help promote for the nights that Suite was open. I now promote for them on a full time basis.


Denver, CO

June 21, 2011, Sept. 14, 2011

Femme Tuesdays at Vinyl, ELECTRO STATIC 2

I am one of the dj’s that has played one of the hottest ladies nights in denver! For electro static 2 I was one of the dj’s in the competiton competing for a year long guest residency with soco clubs.

Wicked Garden

Denver, CO

August 24, 2011- November 2011

I was asked to guest dj at wicked gardens that night. I currently also promote for them full time!

Colorado Fashion Week

Denver, CO

September 27- October 2, 2011

D and A Entertainment Group was one of the presenting sponsors and managing board members for this event. We handled the lights and sound for the entire production.

Electric Zoo New York

Fire Island, NY

August 29th – August 31, 2014

D and A Entertainment Group was chosen as one of the brand ambassadors for Electric Zoo.

Hermans Hideaway

Denver, CO

May 27th – July 8, 2014

I was chosen as the emcee / DJ over a music competition thrown over 9 weeks, at Hermans Hideaway.


Denver, CO

August 14, 2014

I played in a DJ competion sponsored by Red Bull


Denver, CO

August 29, 2014

I played in a musical showcase of several artists, including Logistixx.


Denver, CO

August 29, 2014 – Current

I am the resident DJ for the mid day burn, Hosted by Freddy “DR DB KUSH” Moore.



Englewood, CO

August 29, 2014 – Current

I was the co-host, and co-dj of the Body Bag Battles, which took place at blondies in denver. I also currently hold the residency for Friday Night’s along side Selko Apollo, named Deluxe Fridays.

420 Speakeasy

March 2015 + April 4 2015


Denver, CO

August 29, 2014 – January 2015


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